I am bullish on animal protein & the technologies enabling the supply chain of the future.

There are unique challenges facing each part of the supply chain, from the farmer to the processor to major food companies and retailers. And, for the consumer. Yet….

Technology can turn these challenges into opportunities, if the right minds rally around the right problems with pragmatic solutions.

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Prime Future 145: What would Norman say?

Ugh. That was my reaction when my book club chose a book about life in a Mumbai slum called, ironically, behind the beautiful forevers. We normally read historical non-fiction narratives like The Splendid and The Vile, Endurance, and The Warburgs. Books that have that great combo of inspiration and interesting information. Not books that make me…

Prime Future 144: Goliath’s big fat feet.

It’s the most chaotic time of the year in the US for college basketball fans, with the NCAA tournament in full swing. Aka March Madness. The thing about March Madness is that, because it’s a one-and-done tournament, your team having a high seed is great but also nerve-wracking. Because on any given day of the…