I am bullish on animal protein & the technologies enabling the supply chain of the future.

There are unique challenges facing each part of the supply chain, from the farmer to the processor to major food companies and retailers. And, for the consumer. Yet….

Technology can turn these challenges into opportunities, if the right minds rally around the right problems with pragmatic solutions.

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Prime Future 133: new year who dis

With the start of a new year, I’ve been thinking about what we’re doing here, and how I want to evolve Prime Future in 2023. While my why has not changed since the beginning: learn out loud find my like-minded industry people I have increased clarity on what I’m not about: I am not here to…

Prime Future 132: A learning list

I’m in full 2022 wrap-up mode which means trying to capture all the learnings from another year while mentally preparing for a brand-new one. My favorite new habit this year was to keep a running list of books I read and a few takeaways from each one, a learning list, of sorts. I love this habit…